A Review for Sky Bound Cirrus 14Ft Trampoline

This is the latest edition of the popular trampling brand. It has a cool look. Its new brand features blue colour ascents that have given it a clean and fresh style. It also features a full security system that gives it additional protection without affecting the visibility of the jumper. It has one of the bounciest outdoor trampolines.

This unit can be set up easily without the need of brackets, bolts, pole caps or braces. It is designed with a push-pin technology that allows for an easy breakdown and set up. It has a black steel frame, premium springs (rust resistant), black vinyl foam sleeves, a shoe bag, safety enclosure poles, and six legs.

Specifications of a sky-bound cirrus trampoline



This is a stunner trampoline. It has blue accents that complement its black, sleek curves. It has an amazing and sturdy look. This is what differentiates it from the generic models. Its poles look nice, and they are very safe. Its good design is helpful in making a nice impression amongst visitors. It is one of the central figures in the backyard.

Enclosure and frame

It has 6 W-shaped legs that make it steady and stable. Its legs and poles are galvanized thereby prevent rust. Its curved poles are covered with a soft-coated-film that enhances the safety of this structure. A high-grade dense mesh is used in making its net. This net is very safe and you cannot get injured or stuck when touching it.

Safety pad and mat


It has a very good mat. Its mat is made of quality, thick material. The cirrus trampoline is well-equipped making it a great option even for the demanding users. It also features a premium bouncing pad. Additionally, this unit comes with anti-fungal and antibacterial coating. This is another added feature.



Weight limit

Its weight limit is 220 lbs. It is therefore adequate for the single users. It is effective in reducing the risks associated with injuries- it is an effective risk minimization strategy.

Warranty and assembly

It has an excellent warrant of about 10 years. Its warrant covers both the frame and enclosure. It can be assembled easily without any serious issues. As it was mentioned earlier, this unit is has a push-pin system that can be assembled easily. Ideally, the Cirrus 14ft trampoline has a structurally stable, aesthetically-pleasing, highly functional, and a minimalist design that allows for easier installation times and set up.