2017 Trends – What You Need to Know

2017 is over, and a lot have said that it was a rough year, but it is over now and hopefully, we can look back to it with no regrets and do our best this year. Though it was an interesting year, there are a lot of crazy trends that were happening during last year that we were entertaining to witness. From finance to fashion, here is a recap of 2017 trends that you need to know so you can keep up with the conversation that people are having.

Investing in bitcoin

coinOne of the topics that everyone keeps talking about all year last year is bitcoin, and they should invest in bitcoin. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or digital currency that you can use to do transactions on the internet. No authority own this bitcoin, so it is different from the other money that you are familiar with at the moment. If you still haven’t grasped the idea of what it is and wanted to know more, go to for the information about bitcoin.

Playing fidget spinner

fidget There is also three type of person when it comes to fidget spinner, whether you like it, you hate it, or you just do not care about the toy. Those who love it will have more than one fidget spinner to play with and use it almost every day because they genuinely enjoy the activity, but those who hate it usually roll their eyes on the sight of that item.

Crazy fashion trends

Where to begin? From nose hair extension, curly eyebrows, feathered eyebrows, furry lips, furry nails, microblading, plastic fashion items, and many more. No one can deny that it was sure a weird year for the fashion world. Despite many critics and beauty magazines that mention how bad the look is, a lot of people seems to join the wagon anyway and had fun while the trend lasted.

Making slime

Though the slime world has existed for quite a while, 2017 seems to be the year where it became a hit. You can find people buying, watching, and reading about slime until they got bored of it. Apparently, the sound of playing with slime is satisfying for many people because of the different textures that you can put it in. Also, it was used to mimic a lot of food and items just to have fun.