Tree Care Specialist: Do you Really Need One?

It’s common knowledge that trees are good for the environment and the economy in general. Many also believe that trees are wild plants with the ability to thrive without human intervention. Spending on a tree care specialist may subsequently appear ridiculous and wasteful. The question of whether you need a tree care specialist can, therefore, be answered by looking at the following factors.

Botanical studies

The rise of botany which is the study of plants did not come about accidentally. It follows that scientific investments that focus on vegetation are not a waste of time and resources since knowledge of trees is a treasure chest in many ways. A tree specialist will, for example, advise on the tree species that can thrive within a specific ecological area. Your trees may not be doing well simply because you planted the right species at the wrong place.

Botany also focuses on the general well-being of plants hence they study plant-related diseases. As a non-tree-specialist, you may spend on various pesticide brands to get rid of a given tree disorder without attaining a tinge of success. This is because the trees in question may be in need of a specific mineral that can be injected with the help of fertilizers, not pesticides, to restore their health. Note that some trees suck in a lot of water, leaving behind an unhealthy trail of grass on your lawn. These trees may end up being a curse other than a blessing because you are likely to end up with hefty water bills because you will have to step up your irrigation water volumes to have a green lawn.

Structural, aesthetic and health issues

root damageIt pays to know the root system of the trees you choose to plant next to the house. Trees with tap roots are usually heavy nutrients and water consumers. Their roots reach deep into the soil as they bulge in size. The roots can subsequently pierce the wall and penetrate the house foundations, leading to cracks that can be costly in repair. A tree care specialist would advocate for trees with the fibrous root systems to avert this problem. Deciduous trees that are too close to the house litter the roof with dead leaves.

This encourages dampness which leads to rust and lowers the lifespan of iron sheet roofs. It also makes it difficult to harvest clean rainwater as the dead leaves induce toxicity. The fact that a tree has beautiful leaves and flowers doesn’t warrant it space in your compound. Some trees produce toxic pollen grains, and it’s usually difficult to identify the species with the aim of avoiding them without seeking help from a tree specialist. Tall trees are health hazards especially if they have slippery stems.

They should be attended to using special gear. Tree experts can, therefore, save you from incurring a string of tree-fall related medical bills. The same goes for the general well-being of your house since some trees break easily despite their solid-compact look. Tree specialists do more than propagate and prune trees. They are “experts” in full capacity of the world hence they should always be contacted for the above reasons. It’s evident that one stands to lose a lot more when he or she whisks away the amount professionalism, passion, time and dedication that goes into tree care.