Considerations for the Best Plasma Lighters

The USB-powered electronic lighters commonly called plasma lighters are elegant to use. They have an electric circuit that will generate tiny electrical sparks that form arcs between the ceramic electrodes on the top of the unit, and the resulting arc flame will be hotter than any open flame hence the suitability of this nifty tool as your go-to lighter. Here are some considerations to make when seeking the best plasma lighters for your smoke needs.


The 360 dual arc lighter is notable for its ability to sever different purposes since the arcs cover a wide surface area, unlike the conventional ones. It is very versatile, but it can be hazardous because the beam is not in a partial enclosure like other lighters. It is not a good recommendation for anyone expecting to use the lighter as an everyday tool shared by other family members including children.


The designs of the lighters including their packaging could also determine their suitability for you since you want them to align with your sense of style.

The flame size

LIGHTER 2The flames on the plasmafeuerzeug go by the name arc because of their mechanism for production. You need to know the arc that you will need for your uses. Often smokers will just need a single arc unit for lighting cigarettes, and the heat will be sufficient to do the work in less than three seconds. Furthermore, you do not want to burn your cigarette in the process of lighting it. However, when you have a bigger joint light such as a humongous cigar, then you might feel that the single arc takes too long for your liking. Hence, you go with a double arc that will rely on four electrodes to give you a 2x coverage that is sufficient to cover the large cigar’s cross section.

The material you use

When you want to have the plasma lighters for your good, then you need to avoid some materials. Metals should be a no-go zone because of the potential hazard that the lighter can cause. Remember you are creating an electrical current part that you use for lighting up the cigarette or anything else. You should not be using a metal pipe or handler that comes into contact with the arcs because that can shock you and cause black scars on your fingers.

The longevity of the lighter

You should check the build quality for the best plasma lighter. The best one should come with a long-lasting built-in battery with a universal USB charging support so that you can even use your phone to charge it. It should also be windproof. The presence of a strong wind should not deter the arcs from forming and allowing you to light a fire in the woods or on your cigarette. It should also have thoughtful safety features such as the right handling allowance to prevent hurting yourself when using it.