Hearing protection guide for buyers

There are moments when you come across people who are affected by hearing loss. The sound of gunfire is hazardous despite being a non-occupational noise people are exposed to. It remains possible that a gunshot fired can bring about permanent hear loss which can be attributed to ear may have effected a shot without in the past, this does not mean you will get hurt the next time a shot is made. The dangerous sound is that which exceeds 85 db. On average the sound of gunshots is at 157. It is highly recommended that you wear hearing protection to safeguard your eardrum from damage.


Noise reduction rating

Abbreviated as NPR, the noise reduction rating is an acceptable way of rating in the US. Its current range runs from zero to 33 db. The range is derived from a calculation which begins with attenuation tests from varied laboratory subjects. The NPR remains the most standard method used when describing hearing
attenuation protection. The higher the NPR, the greater the reduction in noise levels.

Gun enthusiasts prefer investing in guns among other accessories which enhance the gun ownership experience. Shooting in both indoor and outdoor environments guarantees ear protection, comfort, and safety. The process where sound energy is lost is known as attenuation and can be heightened through earplugs in conjunction with other earmuffs.



Electronic headsets and passive earmuffs contrasted

We are now fully aware of the importance of hearing protection. This helps when selecting the most suitable option available. Both classic earmuffs and electronic headsets come with their advantages and disadvantages. Earmuffs provide comfort without offsetting pressure into your ear canal. The three main designs of earmuffs are the cap-mounted, standard over-the-head and behind-the-neck options. The cap mounted models are specifically designed to be mounted onto hard hats and other side-accessory slots. Behind-the-neck style design too is used when wearing headwear or hats which are preferable among shooters. Top examples of classic earmuffs are those who are less expensive than their electronic headset counterparts and tend to deliver a higher NPR.

Electronic earmuffs provide equally good protection as the standard styles which contain advanced features. These headsets allow their users safeguard them from hearing oud pitch noises. Alternatively, they are still able to listen to low sound levels such as conversations. Distortion-free amplification is one of the top features among others such as volume control and automatic shut off. The electronic headsets are available in several models, some of which resemble the traditional earmuffs. Unfortunately, they are quite costly.


Other safety mechanisms – Safety glasses

Shooting safety glasses come in different styles and varieties. The level of safety offered depends on the model you go for. The ANSI approved safety glasses are common for their polycarbonate lenses which are shatterproof and provide 99 percent ultraviolet light protection. Ballistic glass remains another popular material preferred by shooters. With ballistic glass, you are assured of protection from four times as much impact energy than the CSA or ANSI safety standards. They are frequently used by officers of law enforcement and the military.